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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-12 - 2:48 a.m.

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The Jihad is not yet fulfilled..

It seems that the Jihad is not yet fulfilled (will it last as long as the christian crusaders time?) & it's not only Iran where this strange fanatic breed is coming from ..

While these days a new suspected plot to blow up flights was disrupted the 'other side' is ceaseless continueing to prepare new human terrorist resources to throw them in the next wave of worldwide terror attack. - A lot of hints I find in the Tehran times like this:

Indonesian "jihadis" vow to attack Israeli targets

PONTIANAK, Indonesia (AFP) - More than 100 Indonesian "jihadis" paraded in West Kalimantan Saturday as their leader vowed they would head abroad to attack Jewish interests in countries that support Israel.

The turnout of 160 black-hooded men from the Asian Muslim Youth Movement (AMYM) was dramatically lower that the 3,000 that leader Suaib Didu had earlier claimed would show up.

The men stood in military formation and demonstrated martial arts skills in a public square opposite military headquarters in Pontianak, the capital of West Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.

"Their aim is (to) protect our friends from Israeli aggression," Didu told AFP.

In a report published in the Australian newspaper on Friday, Didu had said the men would join hundreds of suicide bombers already dispatched to nations supporting the Jewish state, rather than Israel itself.

The AMYM claims it has already dispatched 217 suicide bombers, including 72 Indonesians and citizens of six other Southeast Asian nations, to attack Jewish targets in countries such as Britain, the United States and possibly Australia, Didu told the Australian."

You read funny things in Tehran times - - on one hand I hear that Ahmadinejad calls for cease fire & negotiating with other states like he was a man of peace on the other hand in Iran thousands of suicide bombers are officially trained for their job -

From another source:

There was a suggestion that Lebanon official army should go to the south to build a peace force there to empede Hezbollah to further on attack Israel. - Of course Hezbollah agreed with this.

Lebanon forces are easy to handle for Hezbollah - they didn't, wouldn't & couldn't hinder Hezbollah to arm & act like they wanted till now & they won't be able to do that in the future - There are links between army & government and Hezbollah & big parts of the Lebanon army liked to support Hezbollah. - So the Lebanesian army in the South would probably prevent people to cross the boarder - but wouldn't, couldn`t stop Katjushas shots from behind their lines to Israel.

To this an opinion by a columnist of Ahram (an Egyptian online magazine):

.. and the army has declared its full allegiance to Hizbullah. Any attempt to place the Lebanese army in a confrontation with Hizbullah on Israel's behalf will lead to the army's disintegration, for it is just as sectarian as Lebanon itself. Shiites in the army will simply refuse to fight Hizbullah, as will half the Sunnis. The Muslim Brothers, one of the two big Sunni organisations in Lebanon, and based in Tripoli, the largest Sunni city in the country, has allied itself with Hizbullah, as has one of the two major Maronite factions under the leadership of General Michel Aoun.

In Germany there is a proverb: "Den Bock zum Gärtner machen" (Bock = male goat - Gärtner = gardener) - so it means to give the
billy goat the gardner's job.

I just searched for more information about the Sheeba farms, one of the so-called reasons to attack Israel since Israel left in 2000 to the 'green line - the by UNO accepted boarder between Isreal & Lebanon.
& found in wikipedia -

It's a small peace of land: The area is about 14 km (9 miles) in length, and averages 2.5 km (2 miles) in width, coming to about 25 square km (10 square miles). - No-one sane makes war for such a small piece of land & of course it's just a plea for Hezbollah to fulfill their Israel hate- like in the fable where the wolf & the lamb drink from the same creek - The wolf says annoyed to the lamb - "you spoiled the water by putting your mouth in the water & making it muddy - so I must eat you!" - The lamb said: "But how could I spoil you're water? - your drinking on a place above mine - the water runs in my direction" - The wolf said: " I must devour you anyway - because you contradicted me!" (Let me continue this fable to this case: ".. so the wolf ran to the lamb to kill her, but she quickly climbed a rock formation to a higher plateau & while the wolf closely behind her also climbed up - she pushed a big boulder from above who hit the wolf & smashed him on the ground - some other animals around who had watched the scene, but of course didn't wanted to intervene while the lamb was hunted - now began to blame the lamb: "How could you kill the wolf? - she has seven young wolves in her den, which will now die because you killed their mother. - How could you be so cruel & attrocious & tear away their mother from these cute little babies who now have to starve?" - The lamb decided against excusing, but instead cautiously prepared some other boulders on the edge of that rock, before next time she went to drink from that creek"

see also:

"The new Lebanese claim to this area is one reason now asserted for Hezbollah's continuing conflict with Israel, and cross-border attacks. However, Hezbollah's spokesperson Hassan Ezzedin had this to say about the Farms: "If they go from Sheba'a, we will not stop fighting them. Our goal is to liberate the 1948 borders of Palestine...Jews can go back to Germany or wherever they came from."

Someone may should tell Hezbollah that Israel is just the place where they once came from & where they will stay now forever! - Get used to it!.

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