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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-19 - 4:43 a.m.

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On which side are you?

Rockets Hit Lebanon Despite Cease-Fire

this was a headline from associated Press

hmm - how misleading - everybody who reads this headline probably thinks that Israel broke the ceasefire - but in fact it was like this:

Highlighte the fragility of the peace, Hezbollah guerillas fired at least 10 Katjusha rockets that landed on southern Lebanon early Tuesday, the Israeli army said, adding that nobody was injured. The army said that none of the rockets, which were fired over a two-hour period, had crossed the border and so it had not responded.

Hezbollah aimed in the the last 4 weeks about 4000 rockets right into Israel - they know the ranges of their rockets despite they don't know to aim precisely (or the harm & damage in Israel would have been much harder) -

& that's so typical for their kind of falsehood strategy & philosophy - 'Let's do something to disturb the peace, but blame the other side for it - Let's start an agression & make the world comunity believe Israel has started it. - Let's throw stones in their windows & blame them if they shoot back - let's shoot 100rds of (so harmless) Katjushas into Israel but blame them if they react by retaliating with trying to eliminate those who did it -

recently I heard a discussion in French tv - there was a Palestine woman, an Arabic Journalist, a German Journalist, the talk master & the Israelian embassy in Germany discussing the Israel--Hezbollah war

This discussion was in arte - but as much as I like the France-German art channel arte - there was something wrong in this discussion - it was about 3 against 2 - but in fact 4 against 1 -

I mention this discussion to this theme for the statements of the Palestine woman, - when asked about the (about 1000 Katjushas) shot from Gaza ground to Israel she harmlessed these poor Katjushas weapons as not really dangerious (but they were attacks that meant agression & destruction!) - she agreed that peace negotiations could only happen under ceasefire, but in some sentences later she defended those acts of violence like Katjusha shooting & suicide bombers as a legal right of self defense - hmm - I heard this weird combination of arguments before - you have to decide - either you want to have peace negotiations or you want to have war & any little attack with in agreement with -but you just can't tell us Europeans anymore, that you blame Israel for starting an agression (while they react to one of those thousands of pin pricks) , while you have nothing else in mind than to try to annihilate Israel

I believe that there should exist an Palestinian state with own government - but I don't believe that there should exist an Palestinensian state, where major parts have nothing else in mind, than destroying Israel -

I'm German & Germany lost a lot of once German territory in the east to Poland & Russia. - Nazi Germany in those times started an evil genoziding, racism war against a lot of states & I believe they lost those territories as moderate penalty for their state crimes. - & me as German don't regret it, because I feel so ashamed what the German Nazis once did. - So in relation I also feel no regret if all those Arabian countries around Israel lost territories, because the tried to eliminate & throw the Jews into the Sea - from the beginning

Yes I believe that you can lose territory by agression - what else should Israel have done 1967 when they were attacked from all those sides they later occupied -

In my youth I alway heard it that there were getting attacked with gun fire by the Golan Heights & Lebanon - I understood quite well that Israel had to go there just to eliminate those attacks -

my Iranian friend recently told me that Israel had defied against a lot of UNO resolutions - but well - I told him that all those aggressing arabic countries like Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria
also had defied against the crucial 'number 1' UN resolution - that one that gave as well Jews & Palestines an own state (There was never a kingdom or state called Palestine ever - it was just an region, called about 180 by the Romans (who had banished Jews from their country) Palestine - It was later on under Syrian government just a department of Syria - then there was about 400 years of Turkish government about those regions, where nowadays Arabian countries weren't even invented or written down in any geographic books - followed by British government who made agreements with French occupiers & colonialists about which territory should belong to which Arabian state - all those Arabic countries around had no problems to accept these often arbitrarily decided borders of their new countries. - But Israel was an exception - Arabs didn't believe that they belong to that region - just to exist & to be there - that's what always since 2000 years no nation ever believed. -

But why then - if the Israelites don't come from that region , they have a very close language to arabic - they write backwards & 'shalom' means 'salem' & god in Islam 'Allah' is about the same in Hebrew 'El' (but also Jahweh etc) - we all see that they have the very close origins - like brothers - hmm but may they shouldn't behave like 'Kain' & 'Abel'..

Well I'm on the side of Israel - on which side are you?

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