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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-08-26 - 12:52 a.m.

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Jewish demonstrations welcome!

I found this article by Howards diary:
Anti-Iran rally in Argentina prevented

Left-wing activists in Argentina prevented an anti-Iran demonstration.
Argentine Jewish groups organized a demonstration Wednesday in front of the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires to protest Iran’s support for Hezbollah. But some 50 members of the group Quebracho stopped traffic and blocked the street so the Jewish demonstration couldn’t proceed. Argentine Jewish leaders expressed serious concern and demanded the freedom to demonstrate. “Public opinion can understand, from this event, who is playing with violence,” said Silvio Rossjansky, president of the Argentine Zionist Organization.

- Hmm - that's what I've learnt from when I was about 20, that the extreme left shake hands with the extreme right - if you would ask these extreme lefties about Hitler - they would of course say they hate him & hate what he did - but now defending one of the next Hitlers in our world - Ahmadinejad (who even invited European Nazis for exchange of thoughts) & his antisemite religious fascism shows how ignoringly stupid blind they are - why don't they join just the Nazis - it's all the same breed..

By the way - when in june/july the word cup (soccer) raged - all here in Germany & millions of visitors from all the world came here - there was a game Iran against Mexico here in Nuremberg - Nuremberg where once Hitler held some of his big military previews & parades.. where there are still relicts on place of parades built by A. Speer with archaic constructions for that case. - but now on this place is a museum to show the the evil acts of Nazi-time Nuremberge where there once where designed & signed the 'Nurnberg Laws':

Two measures designed by Adolf Hitler and approved by a Nazi Party convention at Nürnberg, Ger., on Sept. 15, 1935.

The laws deprived Jews of German citizenship and forbade marriage or sexual relations between Jews and “citizens of German or cognate blood.” Supplementary decrees defined a Jew as a person with at least one Jewish grandparent and declared that Jews could not vote or hold public office.

.. in Nuremberg where there once had been the Nuremberg Trials

.. in Nuremberg where in close partnertown Furth Henry Kissinger had lived in his youth & his family had to flee from the grasp of the Nazis

.. in Nuremberg where in the dark ages for some 100 years all Jews who lived there before, were expelled & forbidden to live here anymore

.. in Nuremberg where now some streets & places are named by Jewish & Israelian celebrities like "Rathenau-Platz", the 'Ben-Gurion-Ring', the Jitzhak Rabin-Strasse' - or the place 'Platz-der-Opfer-des Faschismus' (place of the victims of fascism)

.. this Nuremberg with all this horrendious, awful past - where I still live more here than 60 years after , glad that I didn't live here in that time

..but also here in Nuremberg where on that above mentioned Iranian-Mexican soccer game there was a demonstration of Jews waving Israelian flags & also united with some few Iranian dissidents of Iran peacefully - demonstrating against Ahmadinejads politics & there was no lefties or righties group disturbing them - in press they had high approval - & also the Bavarian 'Innenminister' (minister of the interior) Beckstein called Ahmadinejad who had plans to visit the world cup if Iran would win 'an unwelcome person' (persona non grata) -

There's a new anti-semitism wave in a lot of countries of the world, this time coming of course from the hardliner Islamic worls but also from the left - just because Israel tries to survive & defends herself against a high superiority of anti-Jewish Arabic people. - Israel made the mistake to not allow their multiple enemies to throw them into the sea & even got superior. - What a defending fascism! - & Let's deplore those poor people now defeated who before wanted to wipe all Israel out. -

The mistake the extreme lefties make is to believe that the conquered ones 'always' are the poor victims - weeping crocodile tears about the fate of the defeated committer (totally forgetting what he had in mind before he got defated). -

You see an offender trying to rape & kill his victim - but then she fights back, turns around, cuts off one of his hands with the weapon she wrested from him - sprays something in his eyes that makes him blind - just to escape & survive - but later on he goes to public, weeping & moaning - look what she did to me - she made me a cripple for nothing - first she tempted me to follow her sweet ass & lured me in a trap - how could she be so cruel?

& he shows a lot of pictures of his damaged eyes & his missing hand - the part of the the world who believes in his lies & his so true & realistic fotos & facts shown of all the misery he now lives in, that the state now has to pay from him - only because a vicious victim decided to fight him instead of...

yes I'm also almost on the side of the weak, of the supressed, of the victims - like a lot of lefts have in mind & well I'm in some parts closer to left than to the right (not that I like these political drawers - I'm neither left nor right)
- but the blindless of the extreme left to Ahmadinejad, just because they believe Palestines, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. lies is incredible. - They're on the line to Hitler's ideals & don't even know it.

By the way to those who think that Germany is 'the' Nazi country: -

Antisemitism is a virus wandering from state to state - if you think this is the country of antisemitism it may have since long wandered to some other grounds - while most of the new generation of Germans like me feel deeply guilty for what had happened in the Nazi time & there is a high public conscience in public to not let it happen it again - I noticed that in a lot of other European countries there is a much higher antisemitism than in Germany - Here has been a lot of educational work 'Aufklärung' to what had happened here - countries like Romania (full supporter of holocaust once), Bulgaria, Ukraine (where a lot of people applauded when Jews where led away, Italy with highly support for transporting Jews to concentration camps - even Austria didn't feel much guilty for the holocaust - it was the Germans of course - of course it were the Germans, but they had a much of highly agreeing helpers in a lot of other European states & I I believe they should be rueful also. -

SS-volunteers came from Romania, Netherlands, Norway etc. believing in this arian race shit to join the army of evil

So I believe that the consciousness about antisemitism is much higher in Germany than in some of the surrounding countries - about no-one here in Germany except than some stupid remnants of those Nazi-fuckers makes jokes about Jews here - Germany now is one of the first to fight those who do it - be it in cartoons or otherwise & it's a crime here to use the 'Hakenkreuz' (swastika), doing the Greeting of Hitler or deny in public the holocaust. - Yes Ahmadinejad could go to jail here in Germany for denying the holocaust.

In this Hezbollah(Lebanon)-Israel war the German press was much more friendly to Israel than the French press - French press mainly showed Lebanesian victims pictures - how could Israel do those atrocities? - without telling much who really startet that war - I saw a discussion in French tv (in arte) where 4 participants (a Palestinean woman, an Arabic journalist, the very much more on Lebanons side moderator & a German blue eyed journalist were against Israel & only one, the Israelian German ambassador had another mind - it was like the fight of a lion against a group of hyaenas - the Israelian ambassador kept a sturdy mind & repeated just the facts of Israels right to defend etc. -

I also saw an report how different the same events where told in German & in French press - it was like a total different story sometimes - Maybe it's because of all the former Arabian colonies of France & all the (more than 10 % ) of Arabic immigrants & the still political ties to a lot of African states of France, that the public media opinion is mainly anti-Israel.

Well being German, I don't trust the masses of Germans too much - I was shocked in my youth when I heard that about 10 percent of people here are still or again very to the 'right' (which in Germany means something like close to Nazi) - & like I recently detected in my poll analysis of here
about 18 percent wrote comments with antisemitic tendencies - plus about 28 percent wrote against Israel's Lebanon war (they thought Israel to be the agressor) - but only about 23 percent (like me) were absolutely pro Israel in this case (because apparently only some people see - or care to see- what there is really going on!) - the rest commented somehow neutral (we don't like war in general & that kind of stuff) - well that's not much directly pro Israel - but maybe much better than a lot of other countries would vote like..

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