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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-09-05 - 3:26 a.m.

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Don't mess with 300 millipedes!

Besides my interest in reports in history, different cultures etc I also like to watch docu's or reports about wild life, animal behaviour etc. - So yesterday there was a report about stenchy animals - animals who produce strong stenches either to maker them more attractive to the female or sign there realm or even to defend themselves - from musk ox (Ovibos moschatus) to martens, to skunks to stenching beetles, bugs etc. to even 'Millipedes' -

yes millipedes can spread an awful stench, if in danger - they absorb if under attack a stench (gas) so evil & that this bad smelling vapor can even kill a mouse - they told in this report, that the absorbed gases of 300 millipedes could kill a man - it must be something like sulphur

Jaguars often pee on their prey before they devour it - & we all know about the district marking peeing of animals - & we all know that some perfumes ingridients origin from some glands secrets of some of these musk producing animals - but what I learned new in this report yesterday was, that big otter from the Amazonas have a common toilet - well that's nothing unusual to us human beings - but the small difference is, that these otters like to really crawl around through this excrements place & rub their fur all through - to get the smell of the group into their fur & later on spread the group stench everywhere over their territory -

so good that we humans don't have that custom, because I wouldn't like the idea to rub my skin in my neighbours excrements.

At least these otters bath very often - maybe it's because of all this all day bathing that they're about to loose their own body smell identity & so have to take a bath in the crowd - well just hypothetical..

In the last World war there where even considerations to throw something like big stinking bombs to make the people flee away from their towns - I remember when once here in Nuremberg once there was made an assault to a small restaurant (revenge act apparently) - the offender threw butyric acid into the restaurant, a smell that makes you feel like you have to vomit & by all cleaning & desinfecting - they had to close down the pub for a week until the stench was gone - (I think it's similar with the odour a skunk sprays - you can't wash it away & the stench stays with you for days)

Will there in future be biological stench wars - well no victims of course (because of humanity conventience) - but we just couldn't hold our stance, because we just couldn't stand that stench anymore - but if these war stenches are really effective then maybe the problem later on is - that you can't get away that stench anymore out of that region for weeks, for months, for years?

As to smells & stenches - I've been once together with a black woman - one day I noticed a very sweet musk like scent on her & asked her what perfume that was (it smell soo sweet) - but then it was that she just had been sweating & what I thought was a most seductive perfume, was just her sweet fresh sweat & as as much as I mislike people around who strongly smell of sweat - her special odour was the most beautiful smell for me in the world - not to mention the dilarious sweet odours of her sweet treasure parts between her legs - just the odours of paradize..

Stenge - smell - odour - perfume - in some cases the difference for a real gourmet is low & sometimes it depends who's spreading it & in which dozes.

So if ever you wake up surrounded by 300 millipedes around your pillow - don't clap in your hands, don't sneeze, don't make hasty movements or whatever could terrify them! - then you have good chances to survive their parade, while these little critters whose utmost obligation it is to march on keeping in step, move on..

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