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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-25 - 6:03 a.m.

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no need of password exchange

I know the passwords of more than 10 people of their internet access & web presences - but no-one but me knows mine. -

Since I helped so much people on their first steps to internet, helped them chose a provider, helped them install & setup for their internet access.

& then always as it comes down to give a username & a password a lot of those starters have no idea – so I make suggestions.for the username. – But if it comes to the password I tell them – it should be a combination of letters & maybe numbers & at least 6 or 8 letters long & they should keep it secret & tell no-one & of course never forget it or they won’t have access in future anymore.

Some even have problems inventing a password (what’s so difficult in taking just a word or some letters? There are so many words around) & have to help them with suggestions. –

For some of these beginners it was good that I knew their password, because later on some of them forgot it & could help them to access again

Recently I set up the internet account for my good new friend Maria – I looked away while she invented her password. - & everytime I’m there teaching her the first steps in internet & PC anyway, I politely turned my vista away to not peep in her secrecy.

But some time later, while she again she was signing in to yahoo mail with username & password – she wrote inadvertently her password where username should have been – so I became to know it, & told her so. – I didn’t want to, but she even drew my attention to her wrong input. –

But she didn’t like the idea that I knew her password & told me she wants to change it again, which she did next day with my assistance. –

There was a slight touch of techiness in my mind for a moment, that she didn’t trust me that much, while so much other people who are not even that close trusted me on their passwords. – (you know I’m a trove of secrets)

Well but of course Maria was right & of course also no-one knows my passwords, because there is just no reason for it.

PS: - I’ve been working in a small software company (about 20 people) for a long time – We had an administrator who was responsible for the servers, the network, database & software etc. – later on there was also a second administrator & only them & the boss knew the ultimative passwords for our network. - & me of course some time later, because I was responsible for the daily savings of our software sources, so they gave me the full access to all sources. – Later on apparently too much people in our company had the master password & could play around in the server room. I must confess that later on I often did also some administrator work then if there was need to (why call an admin, if you can do it yourself? - Of course I was very careful there on this crucial part of the machine)

– So because of the too much people who could access & manipulate the very heart of our network – the administrators & boss had a meeting & decided to change the password & that only the first & second administator should know the new password - they also decided that the server room had always to be kept locked & only some people got a key for the room (me of course too, for the source savings) & we had to sign on a list with name & time every time we got in. – So every time I had to do something on the servers for my source saving tasks, I had to ask one of the administrators to log in with password to grant me access. – Hmm – well not every time – in fact only one time, because when for the first time I asked the second administrator to go with me in the server room to log in for me – I stood behind him, while he typed in – on the screen you see of course only ***** - but I saw his fingers & only noticed that the first 2 letters were ‘de’ – the rest I couldn’t see, but could imagine quickly. – Why? – Because our former password was ‘oracle’ - & when I saw this d & e I had at once in mind ‘Delphi’ - & asked our second administrator (I was in very good terms with him, but not with the first one): “The new password is Delphi?” – He slightly resignedly laughed & said with a helpless shoulders shrugging "yes". – So I never had to call one of them administrators again for my work, but avoided to show my password knowledge to the first administrator, who would have probably changed the password again & I wouldn’t have known another combination to the oracle of Delphi...

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