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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-04-08 - 4:14 a.m.

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the classifyings of internet censorship

I just read in a French blog of Tunisia about censorship in internet – His own blog was unreachable (blocked) for about 2 weeks because in the databases of SmartFilter done by a big American Secure Computing company it was registered with the attribute 'porn'– the filter settings are of course different, depending of the censorship restriction of the single governments.

This Houhou in that blog believes that his site was classified as porn blocked for this photo in this entry:
< a href= target=“new”>Tera

The free pioneers time in the early young internet is over & past since long time – the whole big wide intertnet is watched, catalogized & categorized & consored - & it even may be that your site be error falls into an false category – then the half world can’t find it anymore

You can watch here , which categories for those filters are saved in huge databases, about your website — you can also suggest there to change the filter attributes..
Of course I just looked for the results to my unicornsting site too, & it's only as private categorized - not yet porn..

I copied an interesting article to this theme (here the origin) here to my site (because you’ll never now how long those linked articles exist)

Dailymotion classified as “Pornography”?

The Internet Censorship Explorer (ICE), the blog maintained by the Citizen Lab’s technical research director, Nart Villeneuve, has published an article (Alternative Explanations) about how SmartFilter (made by U.S. company SecureComputing) is configured in countries like Tunisia to block access to sites classified as “Pornography”. He concluded that dailymotion is most likely blocked because it has been categorized by SmartFilter as pornography:

[…] Although Tunisia deploys the same filtering software as Saudi Arabia they attempt to disguise their blockpage as a generic “Internet Explorer” 404 error. In the past ONI/HRW identified,tested and confirmed that misclassified sites — categorized as porn — were blocked in Tunisia because they filter SmartFilter’s pornography category.[…]

[…] The website reported to be blocked in Tunisia. Although there are political videos hosted on the site that are critical of Tunisia the site is also categorized by SmartFilter as pornography. It is very easy to add websites — including specific URLs — to SmartFilter to block. This is what countries do when they add their own content to block — usually political content — on top of SmartFilter. If Tunisia added the block (they have to unblock it first because it is blocked as part of the pornography category) they could have just added the specific URLs, however, countries often do not care about collateral blocking. (See Thailand’s blocking of YouTube.) Still, I think that the more mundane — over-blocking as a result of SmartFilter categorization — applies to the Tunisian case.[…]

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