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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-06-10 - 3:01 a.m.

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the writing on that church

Some days ago I read on a big shield they had hung on the church opposite to my flat - just the old 'Gustav-Adolf-Church in red brickstones' where once my grandfather 'Max Geske' coming from Poland after WWII preached for I while

what a strange coincidence & chance, that I'm now living just opposite to that church & hear every now & then the big church bells on Sunday events & a lot of other occasions, - sometimes tedious, but may also a reminder that my grandpa (dead since - long was the preaching man there) - I remember him until I was about 14 years old - he was a fine old man living in a literature world - he had 1000s of books even in Poland & was so sad that he had lost them all after the flight from the Russians in about 1945 - so all the time since he later on lived here in Germany he tried to find his beloved literature treasuere again - he's been searching all the time in antiquary book-shops for some books he was still in need to put them to his collection -

when he died - he had already more than 2000 good old literature collection - well but I didn't like what they did to all his grande library divided through 6 children, who in most case didn't got aware what great treasure these books were - the books were given away & thrown away to anyone who liked, appreciated them - a lot just wasted away..

too sad that when my grandfather was still alive I wasn't still wise, ripe & adult enough to see that treasure - I got very interested in literature since I got 17, but that was already to late, to communicate with my grandpa - I really would have liked to do so - his heirs, his 6 children were (like usual) so ignorant to his life work, that there's not much sense to talk with them about his literature knowledge - they just tell: yes he had a lot of books - it was always tedious to transport them if the went to another place - tedious old-fashioned books, the hobby of their father - was just the opinion of most of his kids.. -

well some chances are lost forever & maybe the woman who would be my absolete dream wife life down in 1753 or will live somewher in the future in about 2120 - no chance to ever meet her in real life -

(see "pictures of lily" of the 'Who')

Ah - I didn't want to talk about literature & my grandmother - just about that sign - it says:
"It's 5 minutes past 12
now we are the new telecom"

I saw that sign by chance & that what the hell does that mean - was it commercials for telecom or maybe of a tradeunion of telecom members (telecom is the somehow monopolist biggest telephone company here in Germany)

I didn't think about that senctence too much - but as I see it every day - my first thought was "why is that sentence on a Christian church" - so about next day when I saw it again I doubted that it was a telecom commercial & something in the back of my mind began to think about that sentence "it's 5 minutes past 12" - since we all know that sentence that it means: 'it's just a moment before the ultimate catastrophe - it's the last chance to act against that fate of doom' - so of course '5 minutes past 12' means that it's already too late - hmm too late for what in that context? - too late for telecom? - no it was a parable - so too late for the church to exist or go on, may because there are about no visitors there anymore, like the big company monopolist telecom now is all down, because of all that competition - so this big evangelic-lutherian church tells it's all down because of all the competition - of course that wouldn't ever be a official statement of that church - but like it seems to me, just work-shop result by some youths to write about the actual state this church is in - (well we live meanwhile in a very secular society & only a small minority cares about churches anymore) - these action as positive as it is designed to be is probably in our hasty & quick world hardly understood by anyone - if even me (who understands about everything what is happening in the whole wide world (yes I'm exaggerating) - they see that writing & think it's just another commercial for telecom..

who is the preacher man in that church anyway? - I don't think my grandpa would have allowed that pamphlet on his it's church - i'ts already too late - this isn't nice propaganda for a Christian church - wo wants to visit a church that tells: 'we already lost our case' - yes let's join there & be happy in the declared club of losers..

But maybe I misunderstood this writing on that church anyway - please anyway tell me what this strange verdict should tell us - the message of those heavy old church bells who disturb my sleep every early Sunday morning have a understable message to me!

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