from the fantastic patterns of dreams to the surrealistic behaving of reality

written in Dinglish (that's Germanic English)

Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-07-06 - 4:19 a.m.

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there's so much uglyness in our world

& sometimes I can't stand it anymore -

the rare drops of beauty are sometimes hard to be found

"I came so far for beauty.." (L.C.)

well I have my (maybe tricky) ways to always be surrounded by beauty or even glimpses of it - but I see that so much people live in a hell of ugly world - all day long & may transport that inspiration to their all night long - no escape - a miserable life - may get drunk to stand it -

there life millions & millions an ugly hard life, with ugly surroundings, while a small minority by chance, by luck, by richness or inheritance live in a sweet, nice & comfortable surroundings

I just watched a report of a town in Russia, Sibiria, where a whole town lives from gaining platin from mines there - the whole town looks like sheds & barracks - poor surroundings - hard work - most men drink wodka all evening long - the women lament about that - but there is just no escape of the uglyness of that town - well may another drink?

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