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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-06-25 - 2:54 a.m.

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the gustav adolf church, the falcon & the man who fell off the sky

isn't that a title like "the lion, the witch and the wardrobe"?

In front of my attic mansion with windows leading to the west, there is a free place with a red brick old church, the Gustav-Adolf-Church - Gustav Adolf was the swedish king who fought on the side of the evangelic Protestants in the 30 year long religion wars after Martin Luther's theses, against the catholic war units. Nuremberg (Nürnberg) remained mainly protestantic in contrary to Bavaria more in the South, which is still now mainly Catholic.

Hmm - I didn't wanted to talk about Gustav Adolf now..

Ah yes & in this church where I came to live ahead by chance since 20 years, once my grandpa, who was a teacher (in Poland) & but mainly priest (Pfarrer) (in older times that combination was possible) preached in this Gustav Adolf Church for a time. Of this I got informed when I had already lived here for some years. By the way my other grandpa (that one from Romania) was also teacher (by the other way: this grandpa was also sacristan in his village in Romania) - So all the same line. Ok not me - I'm neither teacher nor preacher.

(but maybe I'm an most secret seductive and subversive underground preacher & teacher of whose existence even I don't know)

Hmm - I didn't wanted to talk about my grandpas now..

this was in last winter - please understand that I use a winter picture, since it's 34 degree Celsius in my flat now (1 hour past midnight!!!)& it's real refreshing, to see this snow pics

& it get's more refreshing if you look at this - a foto I shot last winter

Do you know how loud these church's bells are if they ring at Sunday mornings for about 5 minutes about every hour & on all other days on times & occasions I never quite figured out what reason for? - so loud that I can't continue telephoning or any other listening if they start, while I have my windows open. - But meanwhile I got so used to them that I almost don't notice them anymore (I'm not phoning that much),not even in my sweet Sunday morning sleep with windows wide open. My dreams have accepted that noise & implement it friendly in their schemes & background atmosphere. I don't even notice the rumbling noise of the tram down on the main street, that sometimes makes artefacts in my flat shake, that start about 5 in the morning & finishes at 1'o'clock at night - luckily I live in 3rd floor, so somehow between street noise & the clouds in the sky, not to forget the church bells between.

Hmm - I didn't want to talk about the bells now..

I wanted to start this entry with: "When today I looked out my window I saw" but then decided to give more background information about what I usually see out there - may some pictures help?

Since I live here I heard a lot of crashes down on the street - I usually ran then to the window to see what happened & there was about 10 accidents down there, since I live here - a crossing of 4 streets, tram crossing etc. traffic light's pedestrian's crossing etc. - I saw bad hurt pedestrians, bikers lying there, damaged cars etc. - on one crash when a biker was bad hurt I was the first to call the ambulance - at least I saw no-one dieing out there or so bad hurt, that he died afterwards - this makes me think, that since the last few years I didn't hear any accident down there - does this mean, that they changed the traffic system there to the better - hm or oohm, that I got meanwhile immune to the crash noises, like I don't hear the bells & the tram rumble anymore - hmm like the rich get immune to the starving people's needs?

(I think the priest of that church rings the bells by spite - maybe he's got a testimony from my grandpa, givin' hints when to wake me)

Where was I? - I was looking out my window.. (by now you know pretty well, which scenario I usually see there) - yesterday I saw a falcon in the air near the church towers - I see them since last year sometimes - seems a couple with on oer two young falcons - there are a lot of doves around - recently I saw one falcon catching a dove - he came from above & landed with his prey on the roof of the church tower - but then I saw, that the prey under him moved & moved & the falcon moved & moved too & then I noticed, that this wasn't a prey dove, but a female falcon, which he just fucking like birds do -

OK - meanwhile you probably lost all interest, what today I saw outside my window - & so it's time to tell it:

I saw a man falling from sky directly against my attic mansion - ok he was some hundred meters away & maybe 100 meters above - he was hanging in one of these paraglider parachutes, but goaling directly to my window - I never saw such a sky jumper here above Nürnberg - where did he intend to land? - Where anyway did he come from?!? - just in front of my window?? - I stepped back, because I didn't wanted to get smashed when he'd be hitting my place - I noticed, he was very slow riding there coming closer & & had still more height than my roof, when he arrived & then vanished somewhere above my roof - since I'm a very curious person (that's a precondition to intelligence), I ran to the other side of my flat, the kitchen window & saw him there again & he had succeeded to glide over my roof at least - I saw then 2 paragliding compagnions slide-gliding there in the air with, getting lower & lower in height but reaching to a direction, where I know, a big park, some little lakes etc. lies. -

Did they jump out of a plane? - Yes probably! - I myself would never dare to hang so helpless, dependend on air & wind in such height above a town, without knowing, where I would land, whether I would reach my planned goal. What if I'd drop on the mainstreet, on a high roof or in a Strom-leitung (I don't know the english word for it - I mean those wires for currency hanging from pole to pole 10 meters above ground)

- So from the kitchen window I saw them softly gliding away - I thought about fotographing them, ran to my room snapped my digicam - noticed that the chip was missing, searched the chip, put it, started the camera, ran to kitchen & they were gone, meanwhile totally gone.

So I can't prove, that I'd have seen them & all this entry is totally in vain.
Well I could prove by showing you a foto of an empty sky, that I just had missed them..

But at least I told you, that there are falcons (Turmfalken) out there & falcons are one of my favourite animals (in birds at least)

Anyway - what was I about to tell?

Ah yes the clouds of Nürnberg - this foto proves: there are clouds available still in Nürnberg - our tourist center installed them some years ago above Nuremberg & uses big ventilators to chase them around on the background colour of the season (blue in summer) - before that, our sky was always grey & no Nurembergian knew before that another sky colour would be possible

Oohm - I think I'm gonna stop for today - for I'm in the mood to tell a lot of terrible lies, just for the fun of it - fiction has just started..

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