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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-08-14 - 5:37 a.m.

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retarded people

I have a high understanding for retarded people, as long as they don't cross my way.

But sometimes (if the moon is not so full) I'm retarded too & I hope you won't meeet me in that state of mind - that would be the day of your worst luck, because by then I'm real insisting..

but seriously: my only reason to have understanding for retarded people is my fear, that maybe in some situations, I seem to be retarded to other people too - & one of my principles I have learnt in my life is: "don't judge, to be not judged" - yes it's one of the Christian's bible words, most Christans don't know or care of - like "forgive, to be forgiven" - I always thought these words a good way to cheat my way into heaven, being aware of all my faults - I mean if I don't throw stones at others then finally I shall not get stoned & if I give I shall receive

Bob Dylan once wrote a song with a song line: "..too wise to argue or to judge" (was this in the song "Sarah" or was it in "one more cup of coffee before we go"?) -

since a long time I'm very aware of these thruths & I see a lot of people & friends around me, who always judge & condemn other people, unaware of their own faults. By then I always fear, that they condemn themselves by their own judgement..

but also without judging I sometimes doubt, that there are words enough available in this world to fight those retarted people who rule in our world in media & politics & never get aware that they are retarted..

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