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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-22 - 12:14 a.m.

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the cry of a wrist watch

I have a wristwatch someone gave me some years ago - all my wristwatches were presents. I never bought one my own. Anyway I never or seldom wear them - it's so tedious to have them all time around the wrist - you feel like chained to something. - Well if someone gives me a beautiful wristwatch as present I at least would wear it outside my house.
Anyway after some time, years or months they stop to work because the battery is low. You know how tiny these batteries are - you hardly can exchange them alone, since you don't have dwarf fingers. So the last time when I did that (about 10 years ago) I went to a clockmaker to exchange the battery & it costed about 10 € - well that was almost the price for a new watch - so since that I never changed watch batteries again. Always took instead the next watch someone gave me. -

Hmm - my last watch lasted about 3 years - it was an ugly metalic industry style watch, which I never wore, but took always with me a sidebag of my city rucksack - just to be able to take a look at it on the road, when I'm in need of time, which is seldom enough.

Of course I wouldn't reload this ugly watch so put in one of my million shelves in my overloaden little attick mansion - well it doesn't work anymore - I mean it doesn't show time anymore, but sometimes a while after midnight I hear it making beep, beep, beep for about a half second. - Why does a non-functioning clock still beep on? - it should use it's last energy to show me the right time, not to beep around, without any obvious reason. - Or is it the last help cry of a dying wrist watch, which accompanied me for years in my bag, for new batteries? - Well she is ugly, but she was also very faithfull all these years - I have to consider...

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