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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-03 - 6:29 a.m.

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selfish enough to be nice

today as I was waiting in line in front of a cash point I searched the ground of my bag for small money because my purse's zip is broke & always loses coins while it's tumbling around in my bag (a black little leather city rucksack) -

While I fished the coins I needed to pay out of the depths of my bag - a woman from behind tapped me on my shoulder & gave me a 5 Euro bill, which apparently I just had lost without noticing it while rummaging in my bag. Politely & surprised I said thank you & the line pushed us on to the cashpoint.

This unknown woman was still behind me in the line & I had the slight idea to reward her somehow (she could also have stolen it & I never would have known) - I had the idea of handing her a small 'Mon Cherie' package or something like that as reward. - But while I just had that thougth, without much intention to fulfill it, I saw directly at the cash point between some Snickers & other stuff sweets also some small 'Mon Cherie' packages - I mean that was sign from heaven - so Hmm - why not?

I grabbed 2 of them (it's maybe a nice idea to have one in reserve) - paid at the cash point my carot, my red wine & other stuff & my 'Mon Cheries'.

& I really did it! - I waited outside the cash point until the honest finder of my lost 5 Euro note had paid & gave her with a smiling little "Danke - nochmal" (thank you again) the 'Mon Cheries'

She smiled surprised, but grateful & her reflecting smile made me happy too -

I just read in Gentry's diary: "HATING: How so few people seem to realize that it's easier to be nice than it is to be mean"

Of course it's a sound reflex of any polite & friendly person to pick up a thing another person had accidently dropped & hand it over. - & usually also of course in about the same moment the person who had dropped the thing bents in about the same moment as you down, to pick it up again & you have to take care not to crash together with your heads while trying to be a little be more polite than the other.

I once was standing on a tram station in the evening - a woman stood besides me with some bags & accidently one of those bags dropped to the ground - I stooped to pick her bag & hand it over to her, like any Gentleman would do. - But as she watched me doing this, she got a mixture of fear, disgust & shock in her face & really jumped to grab her bag, before I could pick it up. It was clear, that she thought I was a thief who tried to rob her of her posessions. - Apparently she had had bad experience with 'helping' robbers on the street - so sometimes nice gestures are deeply misunderstood but usually if you are nice & friendly to other people you get it back twice (so in fact it's really selfish to be nice) - on the other hand: all those grumpy & unfriendly people just get what they deserve - "Who seeds (sows?) wind, shall harvest storm" - they'r just not selfish enough to be nice..

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