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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-12-14 - 6:09 a.m.

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Who do they think they are? - God!?!

In future I'll refuse ever to see any film where (Terminator) Schwarzenegger is acting (not that any Schwarzenegger films are needed for a glimpse of culture)

Of course everybody knew that this unsensible, let's say primitive californian governor Schwarzenegger denied the last clemency plea for Williams.

American governors have to do that, to stay popular - who wants to be voted by a gang of wolves has to howl like a wolf. If the leader of pack won't kill anymore, he will be killed by his own gang.

Bush was the same kind of strange warrior, pretending justice just for his own greed for power & fame. - I noticed him long before he became President of USA, because of his ruthless denying an clemenc plea in death penalty cases. Quite apt to Lord of who has to die in higher regions.

It's fact they found out with these recently devoloped DNA tests that a lot of those by law executed people were innocent. - You can't bring back a person to life if you find out, that he hasn't been guilty, unless you're a magician to raise some undeads..

.. in Williams case: the only evidence was a gun and a bullet that another gang member handed over to the police and said 'yeah, Tookie shot this'

Schwarzenegger said, he had to think & consider sorrowly about that case - but of course he just didn't care - he just wanted to stay popular.

No - Mr. Schwarzenegger - you're not popular in nowadays western states of Europe anymore, because people here, who aren't too primitive, deeply despise death penalty.

I believe, that states who still condemn to death penalty are in a real primitive state of mind & I don't think they should try to teach other nations 'democracy' - that's just ridiculous!

I believe that only God can judge to death penalty - we humans, who never know all facts of any case shouldn't never dare to play God.
That's what muerderers do - they like in their foolish mind to play god about other humans lifes. - I wouldn't like to be like them. - Would you?

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