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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-02-11 - 4:47 a.m.

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googling google monopolizm

about 2 years ago I read a report about the possible dangers that a monolistic becoming search machine like google could get.
It can control , what people find, it can censor contents & it it can support contents. If it misuses it's power it can make certain informations in internet unavailable, be it by political, ethnical, commercial or by other reasons. - A lot of power in one hand - that's very dangerious!.

We live in a time were more & more only financial interests dominate political & social life. Economical power gettin more & more monopolistic - The strongest get it all - Politics dependend on economic forces - Financial greed unlimited - sort out the weak, the uneffective & the losers - social caring was yesterday - a few big money syndicates will rule the world -

yes that's the future!

So this evening, when I visited my Iranian friend Ghasem & his other visitor from Vietnam we were discussing about this Mohamad cartoon mayhem & other themes..

On the internet theme I told them, that I fear, that in the wake of this religious & culture crash, this terrorist fear etc. probably in future the internet gets more & more controlled - governments, parties & economic forces, religious leaders will try to controll, what contents you can reach in the internet.

Like in China & other totalitary regimes where press is censored, they will of course not allow their people to reach information from the so-called 'free world'. - They closed all 'free' internet cafe's there some years ago & only controlled informations can be reached in the remaining conformistic internet cafes meanwhile.

After I came home late this evening & surfing as usual international internet I found this information that just fit to our conversation before.

it was: "...Online search engine leader Google has agreed to censor its results in China, adhering to the country's free-speech restrictions in return for better access in the Internet's fast growing market ... To obtain the Chinese license, Google agreed to omit Web contetn that country's government finds objectable. Google will base its censorship decisions on guidance provided by Chinese government officials... Google officials characterized the censorship concessions in China as an excruciating decision for a company that adopted "don't be evil' as a motto. But management believes it's a worthwhile sacrifice."

China is the biggest, most prospering market in future - yes we sell our souls, ambitions & beliefs to gain more money.

I remember a sentence in the the bible I still remember from youth:

"The root of all evil is stinginess" -

well it was a 'Martin Luther' translation & the word which he translated as stinginess is about the same as greed.

Greed is the high crave to grab something - Stinginess is the utmost urge, to not give away or share what you got - in effect it's about the same - some have it all - the others get nothing.

Neither greed nor stinginess share!

There is also a German proverb (which I had once problems to translate it to an American friend (Sam the photographer)) - it's:

"Die dümmsten Kälber wählen ihren Metzger selber"

translated it's something like: "the most stupid calves chose their butcher themselves"

in translation is loses something of it's pointyness. - but I remember another but 'new age' proverb: "Capitalism even sells the rope on which he's getting hanged" or 'selling the bullet for profit, by which you get shot'

No-one dares to boycott China for their human rights violatings..

If only a few big monopol companies will rule the world - we'll live in a very poor 'big brother'-like world without any alternative to escape.

I know we already use the verb 'to google' to tell we research in the internet.

There's also 'lycos' & 'fireball' & 'yahoo' & 'witch' & (ooh I already forgot the name of the others search engines).

In future I will try to use also these other search engines. Don't let google rule all internet research!

Yes it's hard to leave the main stream route - coz there is so much more food to be found on main stream & we all are very hungry (or greedy?) - but may these main stream roads lead us all to our slaughterhouse of free information.

We had & have political tyrannies, same as religious tyrannies, but we're gonna reach the highest stage of despotism & that's monopolism (I only wrote it because it rhymes)

Do you think monopolizm allows free opinion? - I don't think so!

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