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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-03-13 - 3:25 a.m.

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part 3 - of the 'my new brother story'

please read the last 2 entries to understand what this entry is about!

Yes I confess - I'm a coward - I didn't yet call him today, but I had a better idea. -

To break the ice between us I wrote him today a long letter of 2 pages (of course I typed & printed it - I'm not doing handwriting stuff anymore since decades & it's hard for me to even scribble my handwritten name under a letter or cheque) & will give it to the post tomorrow (I'm not used to use snail-mail anymore) but my old aunt had only his adress, but not any e-mail adress. - I wrote him a long 'welcome to the family' letter - if my father by pressure of my mother declines the contact to him, I will be the one to keep the contact.

In most cases I'm the silent observer in the background. But if things come to the worst usually I know exactly well when it's about time to act - when all others stay petrified by shock, I'm the one who takes the reigns & acts appropriate to the situation - in most cases much to the surprise of my surroundings. - I will accuse my mother for forbidding my father to stay in contact with his illegitimate son!

& I will establish my lost brother in our family - I'm gathering allies throughout some selected & to be trusted ones of my relatives to build a careful front line to free my 'so old' father from the domination of my 'so old (+2 years more)' mother..

(Well it's like being attacked by a 80 years old Lady who attacks you with her umbrella - but if you even dare to defend yourself she falls down dead - or did you ever fight a goup of little children throwing stones at you - well I exxagerate, but just try to give you the picture)

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