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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-06-12 - 1:53 a.m.

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From soccer to Muqtada's fatwa

This weekend the whole town lies under siege of deep soccer fever - Every view hours I hear colons of honking cars or groups of football slogans shouting people passing by. - Early in the morning I heard through my open window a small drunken choir shouting "Viva Mexico" & yesterday while I drove to the cinecitta to meet Ric & Veronica there were hords of Mexican soccer fans all clad in green white red celebrating noisy & enthusiastic on the streets - some streets & places were totally blocked & I had to find another route. -

I wondered that I only saw Mexicans on the streets (today just now is the game Mexico-Iran game) - but meanwhile I got aware that Iran has exactly the same colors in their flag as Mexico - one has the stripes vertically ,the other one horizontal (just as Germany & Belgia or Netherlands & Serbia-Montenegro or Italy & Hungary (or Red Cross vs. Switzerland)) - so may some of the green-whiteys downtown were also Iranians. - But anyway - in spite of that here live a lot of Exile-Iranians & only a few Mexicans - there came definetly much more Mexican fans over the Atlantik pool to fiesta aqui. (& a reporter in the soccer news today said "After the game the Mexicans will have a big siesta downtown" - oops he apparently wanted to say 'fiesta') - May the Mexicans I met on my way yesterday inspired me later on to dine patas con pollo, alubias (beans) y maiz with a 'Lammsbräu-Bier' on the roof-restaurant of the cinecitta.

Usually I'm not in the least interested in soccer (or any other kind of sport) - but in the time of the world cup every 4 years when countries from all the world play in contest - I also get partly interested - because it gets dimensions somehow like Olympics - it's a nice spectacle to see all nations combatting not with weapons but peacefully, be it soccer, lance throwing or mikado.

My Iranian friend Ghasem who is contrary to me really deeply interested in sports (he's a sportsman himself - wrestler & judge for wrestling - the channels in tv he mostly watches are sports - just those I never watch) - well today he even went to the stadion with another Iranian friend of him who came here from Sweden to see the game & had also brought cards for the game with him also for Ghasem (they're pretty expensive) -
so because I knew Ghasem was in the stadion I watched the same game 'Iran-Mexico' on tv. - relatively neutral - for Ahmadinejad's sake I may had hoped, that Iran would lose, but of course Ahmadinejad's bad deeds & behaviour shouldn't be blamed on the sports & on the other hand I would hoped for Iran to win, for my friend Ghasem's sake, that he may not be dissapointed. -

Well Mexico won with 3:1 - Iran was pretty lame in the second part of the the game & served it to lose. - But they should give Ghasem the money for the ticket back, because you don't pay that much just to get dissapointed. - I would - if ever - only buy tickets with winning guarantees for my faves. - Like in a lawyers case - you should only pay if the lawyer wins your case.

At least I resisted the idea of calling him after the game & tease him a bit over the defeit of his patriotism's faves.

But more seriously:

These days I'd read in riverbend's blog of Wednesday, May 31, 2006 where she writes about a shop owner who had a brazil flag in the shop window & later was forced by clerical people forced to take the flag out of the window - read the full story story.

Riverbend then also tells about a "Fatwa" (a religious addict) from a religious leader (Imam?) called Muqtada who seems to have a lot of influence & power there in Iraq - I copied the following 'marked' text out of riverbends blog:

As it turns out, Muqtada has a fatwa against football (soccer). I downloaded it and this is a translation of what he says when someone asks him for a fatwa on football and the World Cup:

In reality, my father's position on this topic isn't deficient... Not only my father but Sharia also prohibits such activities which keep the followers too occupied for worshiping, keep people from remembering [to worship]. Habeebi, the West created things that keep us from completing ourselves (perfection). What did they make us do? Run after a ball, habeebi What does that mean? A man, this large and this tall, Muslim- running after a ball? Habeebi, this ‘goal’ as it is called if you want to run, run for a noble goal. Follow the noble goals which complete you and not the ones that demean you. Run after a goal, put it in your mind and everyone follows their own path to the goal to satisfy God. That is one thing. The second thing, which is more important, we find that the West and especially Israel, habeebi the Jews, did you see them playing soccer? Did you see them playing games like Arabs play? They let us keep busy with soccer and other things and they've left it. Have you heard that the Israeli team, curse them, got the World Cup? Or even America? Only other games... They've kept us occuppied with them- singing, and soccer, and smoking, stuff like that, satellites used for things which are blasphemous while they occuppy themselves with science etc. Why habeebi? Are they better than us- no we're better than them.

How weird & ridiculous is that? - I have bold-marked the most absurd parts of this insane fatwa - Apparently this guy deeply hates America & Israel which is quite common in these sectarian fanatized Islam countries. - But the strange logic in these sentences! - Normally you'd think if he hates America, he also hates things & customs coming from America & tries to avoid them to stay 'clean' & pure of perverted American influence. - No he thinks the other way round, apparently seeing the so hated Americans & American way of life as superior, like they're the high standard you should crave for. - So does Mr. Muqtada wants to be like the Americans & Israelis?

Remember Mr. Muqtada - a lot of countries where soccer (originated in Europe) is highly estimated like France & Germany refused to attack Iraq - in that time also left behind by America like stuff like that.

Do you know that the Americans in general also don't go to Mosque's, nor do they make pilgrimages to Mecca, nor do they believe in fatwas & stuff like that. - So you should leave such things too & forbid them by strange fatwas or do you want to be inferior to America?

Someone help poor Iraq where such mad fanatics gain influnce & rule society, but I doubt whether the Americans can help - it has to come from inside the country & that may be a very long procedure.

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