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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-02 - 6:04 a.m.

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all European now...

So the world cup football became a European cup in the last rounds - favorited Brazil & Argentine got kicked out by France & Germany - I would had bet, that Argentine would win this cup. - I was also surprized by France who had hardly survived the first rounds. - But after they had recently kicked out a very strong Spain & France had convinced me & so today I was on their side when they played against Brazil. - But it wouldn't be polite if Germany would win the word cup, because they're the host of these games. - A host should let a guest win..

As usually I don't care for soccer & never care to watch it except on these world cup times - But sometimes I just get involve & sucked in by the word cup tournament every four years.

Most people interested in these soccer contest, support mainly their own country, or a country like Brazil & England etc. they once had chosen forever to be their favourite. They believe that their favourite or their countrys soccer team is the best, so mixing fair judging with mainly patriotical feelings. - I don't have that much need for this nation identification problem.

Like in these contests I watch them all from the beginning - how they play, reckon out their chances to get on, get a feeling to superior & splendid soccer teams & so find out who my favourites are. - I want to find out in an early state, which team has the best chances to get into the final round. - I don't believe in anything what is said about a team - or what success they had 4 years ago. - The same once fortunate players got older - new young forces entered the teams. - Stronger? Weaker? - It's quite a new situation.

I also like to favour outsiders - & if I see, that there is a splendid younger or older dream team, of which I have the feeling they could make it all through, they get my dream team.

Being German - in the world cup 4 years ago I saw the German team play in the first rounds & they weren't one of my favourites, so really I didn't care how far they would get. - This year I saw them (a new generation) play much better & thought may the reach the final round (of the last 4) if they have luck & don't get too early matches with the strongest - in fact I belieft in the first rounds that the Argentines would get the cup, after I saw them winning some games really superior. - & was also convinced that in the game yesterday they were a class better than the German team, which of course they were in the first 45 minutes, ruling the game. - Well in the end when it came to penalty shots after 1:1 the Germans were very lucky they had a very intuitional perfect goalkeeper.

My new Portuguesian friend was also very lucky that Portugal won against England. - But she was probably very sad, that Brazil got beaten by France. Brazil is her favourite even over Portugal. - Well she is one of those typical soccer fans, who always believe in the same countries - no matter how good or bad they play -

Early in the evening I called a woman from Brazil - I told her I hope that Brazil wins. - Later on when the game started - I got aware, that my sympathies were with France, because all what I had seen from Brazil in the last games hadn't convinced.

So the last survivors of the 32 starting countries are now: Italy, Germany, France, Portugal - u no it was Europe (England) where soccer was invented

Not that I'm interested in soccer at all..

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