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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-07-03 - 3:42 a.m.

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The right pin to Bob Dylan

4 days ago I got a mail that my package from amazon (the part 2 of the Bob Dylan CD's) was waiting for me at the packstation - the same evening after work I went there to get the parcel - put my packstation goldcard in the slit, entered my 4-number pin & it was wrong - probably mistyped - I tried it again, this time typing it correct - again error - I got aware, that I had switched 2 numbers & corrected that - argh they locked my card -

I should have known better - this once happened to my bank card & it needed 2 weeks to get a new one. - Never try 3-times if you'r not quite sure about your pin - next times you'll do that they put you to prison for tryin' to cheat them with a false pin, even if it's their fault, because they gave you a pin nobody can remember!

Anyway packstation service was much quicker than bank service - I called their hotline - they asked for the fourth & fifth letter of my internet account to them & then unlocked my card within seconds..

At least today I had time to get that parcel. Unwrapping it at home I was a bit shocked that it included not 4 or 5 CD's I slightly remembered I had ordered, but 10 CD's - all Bob Dylan - can I afford 10 CD's? - I must have been in a 'Kaufrausch' ( = delirious state where you can't resist to just buy on & on).

I somehow paralizes me - I just don't know where to start - the older ones? - the newer ones - the frustration of having too much of the same thing, too much toys, too much food, too much programms on tv - you just can't decide anymore - should I hear these Dylan CD's chronological or just by the mood I'm in - should I hide them all over my flat & then just hear them if I find one by chance? - Most of them are still shrink-wrapped, but some are not (why? - does that mean these are used ones someone had sent back?)

OK - while writing this I looked them all through & only 2 are unwrapped - I'm gonna hear these first & then maybe some long time late unwrap another - maybe I'll put them in a bag & chose the next one blindly..

Yes that's what I'll do! - So the first 2 ones to hear are "The Freewhelin Bob Dylan" & "Infidels" - A nice mix of different periods..

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