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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-10-01 - 4:32 a.m.

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Never embrace a tiger..

while I bought food & stuff in my daily supermarket close by - I also bought a local newspaper of Nuremberg - I do that very seldomly - why buy a newspaper if I read all my news in the internet? - but this cheap daily's paper is especially for Nuremberg & the 'local colorit' we call it here & of course you can't find in the internet - if ever so I buy it only on Saturdays, because by then it also has a tv-programm of the whole week include (not that you can't that infomation by internet too) -

on the second page of that paper was a foto of tigers attacking a 'closed' tourists van -

hmm - it remembered me to a dream I had just the night before - in this dream I was in open area, maybe a park with a view people around me - someone - our host - informed us that in this park there where free running tigers around, but we shouldn't be afraid, they'd be harmless -
as soon as we got informed I saw those big tiger cats walking & roaming around -

you know it's like these owners of the big Rottweilers & fighting dogs allways try to assure you - they'll do no harm - of course they won't harm their owners, but how could you believe that they won't attack strangers?

These tigers were coming closer & I felt very uncomfortable - so with 2 aquaintances who also felt uncomfortable we went back to a corner of the park with a corner of stone walls behind our backs - we hoped they wouldn't attack us in our close unit of 3 close together standing people -

the tigers came closer & began to snuffle at us, one snuffling at me - me totally scared that from snuffling to biting off a limb of me was only a close step.

so in the corner I counteracted - I went out of that corner & stroked my tiger & even got down on my knees & embraced him with my arms & put my head to his fur -

he totally liked it - began to purr like a cat & I felt something like a warm wave of affection to the the tiger - all my fear of the tiger was gone -

later on I was some meters away of that tiger, but I knew he was no danger anymore to me - I could go there & stroke him & he would behave just like a little cat.

He was totally tame & began to behave somehow devoted to me - hmm - in a manner to devoted to me - he followed me & I saw him coming closer but then I saw that he was somehow aroused, excited - well in this dream he had 4 erected penises - showing up to me - & I thought 'why four?' - but his erections were ment for me - probably he had misunderstood my affection - he was really trying to get at me with his erection battery -

in this state of dream I could talk to him & I knew he understood my language - I told him that I'm not female & there's no need to get at me & I felt also somehow dissapointed - I had embraced him only to get friends with him & then he tried to fuck me..

I woke up before anything more happened - & astoundingly enough - it is a perfect parable to something happening in my real life - someone is deeply misusing my friendliness & I really think about to kick him 'mentally' in the balls sooner or later - tiger or not - tiger behaviours don't impress me at all..

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