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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2006-11-20 - 5:51 a.m.

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Darfur Children Dragged from Mothers & Shot

This title is taken from Drima(Sudan)’s entry in Esra’as mideast blog – so please go there & & read on - click there on ‘I have no words’ – read the comments & then come back:

Terrible things going on in Darfur – an endless genocide on religious minorities since years & why do we hear so sparsely about it in our news? – I guess if I interview people about Darfur, only 1 of 10 knows about it & what’s going on there. – Most people don’t even know where it’s situated.

map is link to wikipedia

More than 400.000 are killed (genocided) already there & all the procastinating & slow half-hearted resolutions by the UN & world (unattentional) public until now doesn’t really help yet. The muerdering by religious motivated muslim groups of ‘Gods warriors’ as well as by government (with the same motivation) are accepted, tolerated or even supported by Khartoum's government. – China in good conditions with the Sudanian government, because they get oil there – has no problem to support the totalitarian (semi-fascist) Sudan government with whatever they need, high tech weapons & militar equipment – & of course China doesn’t care in the least about human rights in any country it makes big business with. – Not that USA is that much better – they supported a lot of dictators & human rights suppressing regimes yet – but at least they try meanwhile to boycott the worst., while China instead seems to doesn’t care at all – see it’s connections with Myanmar, North Corea, Iran etc. – they would deliver gas for gas chambers for termination just to raise the success of their new economics boom. – But like always it’s only a small number who cares for human rights & who cares of those persecuted, executed & dispelled - & the voice of this small number never is loud enough.

here just some fragments of reports of the Darfur genocide I found in the web:

..Sudanese and American politicians believe and promote the idea that the genocide in Darfur is over. "It's not over, Fowler; it's not over, Rice; it's not over Zoellick," he says, passionately. "We're trying to verify that the Khartoum government is certifying the transfer of the Lord's Resistance Army Units that were in the south up to Darfur. Now, that's not the end of the genocide when you've got those characters in your country."

What I'm proposing and what ICG's proposing is a working alliance of African countries that we know have good units and that we've worked with before," says Mr. Weiss. "I would name Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, possible others. Tunisia maybe. They [would be] an alliance with people who can ship them around, work with surveillance, and all this kinds of stuff. Who is that: Australia has offered in the past, the British have offered, also the Canadians, Germans and Italians. And it could be Canadian led," says Mr. Weiss. And they start working together and they are the ones who land in Darfur, they are the ones who operate," says Mr. Weiss. "Now the other way to do it would be the UN to authorize moving to Chapter Seven and actually going in there with a serious protection mandate that they can enforce and that is favoured by a number of people I've talked to in groups working for Darfur here, including STAND Canada."


.. Human Rights Watch said many janjaweed fighters are organized into battalions that have the same structure as those in the government army. They use the same weapons as regular soldiers and their leaders wear stripes on their uniforms that are identical to those of the regular army. An increasing number of janjaweed fighters wear the same uniforms as government soldiers. The only difference is that the janjaweed uniforms have a breast pocket badge depicting an armed man on horseback.

Operations carried out by the janjaweed often enjoy air support from the government of Sudan, both aerial bombardment before operations and helicopter reconnaissance afterwards to ensure the area is empty. In many villages, regular troops and janjaweed forces establish a joint presence—often in the local police station—before going out to burn and pillage..

and it’s not only in Darfur – see Ethiopia here

The oversight is doubly ironic as the two genocides are so similar. In both cases a sovereign power – one based in the capital of Khartoum, Sudan and the other in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – has attempted to wipe out a black African minority living in a remote yet coveted Western province.

Drima who wrote that entry in mideast blog, wrote “I have no words… only shock and tears… absolute shock and flowing tears”.- the whole world should get aware & have this shock & feelings, but than more than ‘no word’ should quick & decisively react & try to help solve that desaster – the Israel-Hezbollah war was much more recent & all the world was concerned & tried to find solutions via UN & UN forces in right numbers are already there -
- but the public & UN reaction to the Dalfur desaster is really poor. – Are the lifes of the persecuted people there of less worth? – Penny people instead of dollar people? – You know people bend down for a dollar lying on the street, but not for a penny..

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