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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-02-15 - 2:53 a.m.

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strange behaviour in the rules of chaos storing

I’m a tiny bit messy (means I’m sooo messy!) – I’m about to sign for a half year course in the Nurembergian public evening school. – This would could cost me 120 Euro, but because since 2 years I got only a halftime job I got something like a Nurembergian passport, which gives me cheaper prices for entrance in museums, opera, theater etc. – For this course in public evening school (Volkshochschule) it would mean 60 Euros instead of 120 Euros.

So because today I wanted to sign for that class which starts end of February – yesterday late in the evening I started looking for that pass on the place it ought to be, to put it in my city bag. – At first it wasn’t on the place where it ought to be, then it it also wasn’t on the place where it should be, but when much later on it wasn’t even on places where it probably could be – I knew I head a real problem. – There are millions of places in my small overloaden attick flat – there are shelves up to the ceiling with trillions of books, a lot of CD’s, Videos, & all kind of obscure stuff, there are staples of papers & letters & important notes in every corner.

Ok I have my system, where I put things & if they’re in the right staple or region I usually find them relative quickly.

But if I put an item in a somehow half unconscious state of mind on a place where it deliberately doesn’t belong & forget about that place, I’ll never find it again, especially not if I search for it. – Of course I will find it again, if I search for something quite different.

Well yesterday I gave up after an research of half an hour. – tomorrow when I come home from my job I’ll do a real sorrow searching. – in fact I searched this evening for more than 3 hours an every possible place, knowing, that if it was an impossible place (which are 10 times as muchs than the possible ones) I had no chance.

After 3 and a half hour I gave up. – The nice side effect of my searching was, that I had thrown away lots of useles papers filling about a mill bag & some places in my rooms seemed a bit larger & tidied up.

I accepted the thought that I had now to pay 120 Euro for that seminar.

When later in the evening I made me a snack in the kitchen & went back to my PC to visit my realm of news, blogs & mails, I watched a blue book lying on the floor. – Of course it was not lying on the floor – it was lying on another book lying on the floor. - & something like the envelope of a letter was slightly protruding out of it, apparently a bookmark. – I’ve seen that book on that place a hundred times before in an unconscious state of mind, because you just don’t notice things you see regularly. – But my mind was still in a kind of search mode & could it be? – I bent down, groped that book & the envelope within contained my missed Nurembergian passport. –

So tommorrow I can sign in & I hope it’s not too late, because there are only 10 places available in that course.

& do you know what a grave to any paper a book is. – Usually if you don’t read that book again you will never ever find that piece of paper again. – I remember long time ago, that I found one 100 DM in a book I read after long time again, which I apparently had thought to be a safe place to hide money before. – No - books are no safe place to hide any paper or money . They just swallow it & it’s lost for ever.

And it’s really strange: the book which held that pass, was ‘Like once David’ by ‘Hans Habe’ an Jewish-German author, written in the 60ies, telling his impressions on a visit to Israel in that time. – I have that book since my youth & recently had put it out of my book shelves to find some numbers of Palestinean refugees & Jews refugees otherwise, I remembered he had remembered there. – The funny thing is, that the course I’m about signing in is an Hebrew (Ivrit) language course & the only book in my hundreds of books referring to Israel swallowed the passport I needed for the announcement. – What a coincidence!

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