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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-02-26 - 4:44 a.m.

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my first commercials

recently by bad chance I stepped on my glasses - the glasses I need for reading - one side of the the glasses was very cranked away & while I tried to fix it - it broke. - I hesitated to visit an optician, because I know how expensive their working hours are - well of course it had to be done, because you live a very diminuished life, if you can't read books anymore. -
so I went to the optician, where I had bought my glasses some years ago to give my broken glasses for repair - the vendor girl told me to wait on a seat, while she went in the backrooms to repair it - about 10 minutes later she came back with my fixed glasses - within these 10 minutes I had time to look around & decided to buy a lilac-blue hull for my glasses -

so when she came back with my repaired glasses I told her, that I'll take that shell (hull) for my glasses too & asked her about the price

She said: "nothing at all!" - I had expected about 20 or 30 Euros for the repair & about 3 or 5 Euros for the cover. - but nothing at all was really surprising - one of the best services I ever got

Nowadays usually it doesn't remunerate anymore to give anything to repair, because those technical workers with hour wages of 100 euros & more, make it much cheaper to buy a new device than to get it repaired -

& yes it was a Fielmann branch here in Nuremberg - not to make commercials for them - but if you trample on your glasses & want to get it repaired for free - just go to Fielmann's..

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