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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2007-05-26 - 6:29 a.m.

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something in my mind

- ooh my statistics of visitors of my site show lower & lower numbers (at least no number under zero) - I've been knocked out for a while - too tired to write - too weary to write - too overloaded to express myself - sometimes you need a rest -

sometimes I write about important things, but often I write about silly little things in life - because we all know, that's the way life goes - you live a life of a multitude of simple standard situations, what is important in your life than just your observation-
political people only write about their political opinions & if ever about their life, then just fitting to their political attitude - just like those fashion & art maniacs - let's show off, like we are supposed be, not like we really are.

I feel relaxed if no-one is visiting me anymore, because by then I can write whatever I want - all those silly little things that happen in your real life -

I had so much to tell the last view months - so much was happening in my life - but a lot of things were private - the rest was hard to tell - my time of diary-writing was corrupted by all the tasks & obligations I had in the last view weeks.

& I till can't make my mind up, whether my resting time in my diary is already over -

I had too much to tell in the last few weeks, to be able to express myself anymore..

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