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Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, 2005-10-01 - 4:32 a.m.

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Napoleon, Democracy & the perversion of laws

I read these days in a report about crazy laws in the world - one of them was, still is, that a still existing law in France forbids peasants (farmers) to give the name "Napoleon" to a pig. Of course Napoleon declared this law.

But apparently (dear Gentry) this law doesn't include pugs or even snails.

But naming a cute little piggy in France 'Napoleon' or the diminutive 'PlonPlon' probably would probably mean 'Guillotine'or quelque choce comme ca.

But calling a pig 'Josephine' was & is not forbidden by law in la 'Grande Nation' - But 'Dear Emperor Napoleon' - you should have been more Gentleman (but that's an english expression - so of course - you are not) in that case.

Maybe they named a million of pigs in that time 'Josephine', because they couldn't give them your name..

but this is nothing to what crazy & totally unbelievable stupid laws that still exist in a lot of amerian states, the country that tries to spread democrazy with all kind of strange arrangements (by weapon power mixed with freedom oathes, topped by all kind of false promises & than some nice smile cream over it) over our whole wide little world, a democracy pattern nobody wants to import nowadays anymore

At least there is democracy in the USA (exists somehow there - yes Washingtons independence declarations & constitution were cool!) - but still USian democracy is not the justest one, not yet full grown up, still unable to solve it's own problems, ruled mainly by commercial interests, that let's the poor get poorer & the rich get richer - where every big city is totally out of control, where violence & shotgun killings are one of the highest rates in the whole world.

- Hmm - this system shouldn't be the standard for a new world -

Well I confess - a whole lot of political totalitary systems are much worse, but on the other hand, there are nicer democracies around too..

It's just like: if you teach how to educate children & everybody sees you don't have your own children under control, you are not too trustable - but I'd rather trust you than those, who kill their own children.

I, personally prefer little kingdoms, where everything is peaceful & just& problems are magically banned, I mean a kingdom where I set the rules - but they didn't elect me yet.

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